McLaren 570S GT4R

Price: £139,995.00

Year: 2017
Ext. Colour: Silver
Int. Colour: Black

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With heavy heart we are selling our 570S GT4R car.

Used as the development car for our upgrades has been our pride and joy for the last 3 years and has represented us impeccably.

By far the fastest car have developed for track (it walked all over our 720s at Goodwood when we back to backed tested them) but retains full use as a road legal car, its comfortable, quiet (when you want it to be) and intoxicating to drive, raw and visceral but compliant and comfortable – its really is the ultimate McLaren, more so than our 720.

Only being sold as we need to tarmac our car park and thats going to cost us £100k so as with any business needs must and we’d rather this car was out there being used than just sat in our showroom.

Car will be supplied with full service, MOT and our World renowned warranty which covers all the upgrades as well.

Car also supplied with the original bumper and the original leather seats


Model Variant McLaren 570S Coupe
Model Year 2016
Specification Country United Kingdom
Specification Region Europe
Retailer McLaren Manchester
Country United Kingdom
Region Europe
Exterior Paint (PA15) Exterior Standard Paint – Silver
Roof (EX26) Roof – Body Colour
Mirror Casing (EX28) Door Mirror – Standard
Exhaust (EX29) Standard Exhaust
Exhaust Finisher (EX30) Exhaust Finisher – Silver
Front Splitter (EX37) Front Splitter – Dark Palladium
Aero Blade/Fender Inner (EX38) Aero Blade – Dark Palladium
Rear Bumper (EX40) Rear Bumper – Dark Palladium
Plenum Cover (EX43) Plenum – Dark Palladium
Rear Deck/Engine/Plenum Cover (EX43) Rear Deck/Engine Covers – Dark Palladium
Door Insert/Side Panel (EX44) Exterior Door Insert – Dark Palladium
Side Intake (EX50) Side Intake – Standard
Side Skirt/Door Blade (EX51) Side Skirt – Dark Palladium
Wheel Arch (EX55) Wheel Arch – Standard
Diffuser (EX61) Diffuser – Dark Palladium
Rear Wing (EX62) Rear Wing – Dark Palladium
Exterior Badges Badge Set – Rocket Red
Model Designation (EX91) Model Designation
Design Edition Pack (EX92) Design Edition – Not Selected
Door Latch (EX95) Standard Doors
Interior Trim Finish (IN01) Interior Trim – Full Leather
Interior Trim Finish (IN02) Interior Theme – Carbon Black
Sill Panel/Finisher (IN04) Sill Finisher – Standard
Seat Type (IN05) Standard Seats – Manually Adjustable
Seat Back (IN06) Seat Back – Black
Steering Column (IN10) Steering Column – Adjustable (Manual)
Headliner (IN16) Headliner – Carbon Black Textile
Steering Wheel Finish (IN25) Steering Wheel – Carbon Black Leather
Steering Wheel Stitch (IN27) Steering Wheel Stitch – Carbon Black
Seatbelt Colour (IN30) Seatbelt – Carbon Black
Seat Zone – Zone 1 (IN41) Seat Zone 1 – Carbon Black Leather
Seat Zone – Zone 2 (IN41) Seat Zone 2 – Carbon Black Leather
Seat Stitch (IN48) Seat Stitch – Carbon Black
Seat Sew Style (IN49) Seat Sew Style A1
Contrast Stitch (IN52) Contrast Stitch – Carbon Black
Door Stitch – Inner (IN57) Door Stitch (Inner) – Carbon Black
Door Stitch – Outer (IN57) Door Stitch (Outer) – Carbon Black
Door Outer (IN58) Door Outer – Carbon Black Leather
Door Inner (IN59) Door Inner – Carbon Black Leather
End Cap (IN59) End Cap – Black
Door Insert (IN60) Door Insert – Carbon Black Leather
QTR Panel – Inner (IN63) QTR Panel Inner – Carbon Black Leather
QTR Panel – Lower (IN63) QTR Panel Lower – Carbon Black Leather
QTR Panel – Upper (IN63) QTR Panel Upper- Carbon Black Textile
Facia Outer/Facia Upper (IN70) Facia Upper – Carbon Black
Facia Lower (IN71) Facia Lower – Carbon Black
Cluster Cover (IN73) Cluster Cover – Carbon Black Leather
Facia Stitch (IN74) Facia Stitch (Outer) – Carbon Black
Facia Stitch – Secondary (IN76) Facia Stitch (Inner) – Carbon Black
Brightwork (IN78) Brightwork – Satin Chrome
Interior Components (IN79) Interior Components – Standard
Tunnel (IN80) Tunnel – Carbon Black Leather
Tunnel Stitch (IN81) Tunnel Stitch – Carbon Black
Console Lid (IN82) Console Lid – Carbon Black Leather
Console Lid Stitch (IN82) Console Lid Stitch – Carbon Black
Carpet (IN83) Carpet – Carbon Black
Capping Panel (IN90) Capping Panel – Carbon Black Leather
B-Pillar (IN91) B-Pillar – Carbon Black Leather
Instrument Cluster (IN98) Instrument Cluster – MPH
Wheel Finish (WB02) 14-Spoke Lightweight Wheel – Stealth
Brake Type (WB03) Ceramic Brakes
Caliper Colour (WB04) Ceramic Brakes – Black Calipers
Tyres (WB10) Tyres – Pirelli P ZERO CORSA
TPMS (WB99) Tyre Pressure Monitoring System
Audio System (ET01) McLaren 4 Speaker Audio System
Parking Sensors (SS01) Parking Sensors (Front & Rear)
Parking Camera & Parking Sensors (SS02) Parking Sensors & Rear Parking Camera
Security Pack (SS03) Security Pack
Alarm (SS05) Volumetric Alarm
Vehicle Lift (SS15) Nose Lift
Model Year (PT02) 2016 Model Year
Spec Region (PT03) Europe
Vehicle Spec (PT04) Vehicle Specification – United Kingdom
Drive (PT05) Right Hand Drive
Owners Manual (PT06) Owners Manual – English
System Language (PT07) System Language – English (UK)
Floor Mats (PT10) Branded Floor Mat Set
Ignition Key (PT16) Ignition Key – Standard Matt Black

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