1M Stage 1 Brake Upgrade


Improved braking performance for fast road driving with the Performance Friction Z-Rated performance brake pad.


Our stage 1 brake upgrade involves replacing your standard road pads with ones offering greater performance and resistance to fade. We recommend the Performance Friction Z-Rated pad. This brake pad is designed for fast road and occasional track use specifically for standard callipers and disks where its specific compound allows the best heat management without the expense of increased disk wear. The pad is specifically designed to work well with high frequency ABS systems as fitted to modern road cars.

The PF11 pad creates very little brake dust, can be used on part worn disks and creates very little brake squeal even when cold but still provides the highest friction level for true fast road and track driving, wear rate is typically 10-15% better than with standard pads. The wide range of operating temperatures means the pad works as well in winter as in summer so you have maximum, consistent braking ability throughout the year. Price includes front and rear pads.

Price fully fitted (front and rear pads) – £465 incl VAT