1M Stage 2 Brake Upgrade


Track day specific braking upgrade, PF08 track day pads, braided hoses front and rear with uprated racing Dot 4 fluid.


Our stage 2 brake upgrade involves replacing your standard road pads a high specification road and track pad from Performance Friction. The PF08 pads offer the ultimate in braking performance for the race track but are also usable and suitable for fast road driving, they are more aggressive than the PF11 and offer greater heat tolerance suitable for high speed track work in sprint and endurance racing so are perfect for track days using a relatively heavy road car.

Heat is the greatest issue with braking and as well as the disk/pad generating heat so do the rubber hoses used to contain the brake fluid by flexing in use. By replacing the flexible rubber hoses with metal braided brake lines the flex is reduced meaning the fluid is not being heated up, instead of expanding the hose the fluid is only used to move the pistons in the calliper so braking feel and efficiency is improved. Its why every race car on the planet uses braided hoses, its a cost effective way of improving braking performance and feel.

The stage 2 brake upgrade includes the PF08 pads but also a full set of braided brake hoses front and rear made by HEL. These hoses, designed by TMS offer much greater resistance to fade as the flex is reduced by over 50% compared to standard rubber hoses. Price includes front and rear pads and front and rear hoses and PF racing Dot 4 fluid.

Fully fitted price (pads and hoses, complete with PF high performance Dot 4 race fluid) – £849 Incl VAT