AP Racing Big Brake Kit (Front) VX220


AP Racing big brake kit


Standard VX220 brakes are of a single piston caliper design taken straight from the Elise. The extra weight of the VX220 means than these calipers aren’t really up to the job on track (and even fast road) so we’ve been working with AP Racing for a custom designed upgrade – this is it.

These brakes have been designed purely for the VX220 (although they will also fit the Elise S2) using a custom designed caliper and set up and took over 5 months of development. They provide a whole new meaning to the concept of brake feel (an achilles heel of the VX compared to the Elise) and work perfectly with either the VXR or the VX220 ABS set up. The kit comprises:

4 Pot lightweight caliper (upgraded from stock single piston) 307mm/26mm grooved disk fitted on separate alloy bells (upgrade from 297mm/24mm stock disk bit integrated bell)

Braided hoses

Dot 5.1 fluid


The calipers will fit standard NA and BXT wheels, Speedlines, the new Oz and VXR wheels without the need for spacers and bolt straight onto the standard Vauxhall hub.