Astra H VXR Stage 3


ECU remap, full race exhaust, lower front mount intercooler


You’ll notice a common theme throughout the Astra VXR tuning and that is one of heat, the car is very susceptible to it so its always a limiting factor on how to upgrade it. For this reason the fitting of a larger, more efficient inter-cooler is a crucial step towards obtaining larger amounts of power. Basically speaking an engine is a controlled explosion; mix air with fuel and ignite it – Bang, the cooler the air temperature, the higher the density of Oxygen. The greater the explosion = more power.

With turbo charged engines the intake air gets hot very quickly with subsequent reductions in power, you feel this effect every day, in the cold air in the morning the car actually has more power compared to a drive home in the afternoon where the air temperature is higher.

To combat this problem we fit a large front mount intercooler (availiblie in Satin Black or Silver) along with a 3″ bore full exhaust system and 200cell race cat.

Power increase 70-80ps
Torque increase 85-90nm

There are a few different options on the exhaust, sporty, Loud or a custom made. This can alter the price up and down – Please contact us for a tailored price too suit your requirements.