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Atlas – full of maps, our own custom made ECU power upgrade device


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A cars power is controlled by its computer (DME), a remap is when we adjust the settings within the DME to add more power via boost, fueling, ignition timing etc. Many years are spent developing our DME remaps to ensure safety, longevity and reliability as well as increased power, torque and better fuel economy.

Its not all about power though, whats impressive is the smooth power delivery meaning the power is a lot more accessible than the standard car, a smooth power delivery is so much nicer to drive than a lurching on/off switch. We’ve also deliberately tried to improve fuel economy in our maps which can be as much as a 10% improvement depending on driving style, fuel used etc so its worth having and could see the cost of the ECU remap paid for in weeks.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our power upgrades, the level of development time we invest into our DME upgrades is exhaustive and we are confident that there are no finer quality ECU upgrades available in the market, we also feel that the best way to map a car is to have it here, at our workshops but distance means that this is impractical for many so we have developed the TMS Atlas Power Controller (APC)

The Atlas is exactly that, a single device that contains maps to every BMW model we have developed. There are quite a few remapping hand held tools in the market but none have the processing power and usability of the Atlas and none have our maps, this is the only hand held device that our BMW mapping is available through. Not only can the Atlas instal any number of different maps to your car but it can also be used on different cars (subject to a time related cost) so you will be able to upgrade each BMW you own one after the other (not at the same time though obviously).

The Atlas is also more than a remapping device, a full OBD fault code reader, the ability to turn the map on and off at your leisure and the capability to send us data from your car so we can diagnose any faults remotely mean that the Atlas is your DME’s friend able to help whatever you need it, and once the map is removed? Its gone, no legacy code, no traces of its installation and no excuses for the dealer to make a spurious warranty denial.

As well as our variety of stages of tunes you can also use the Atlas to instal our custom maps and even maps for race cars, different types of power for different conditions, for example a high torque map may be less forgiving on a wet track so swap to a high rpm power delivery, the process to swap maps takes minutes and is as simple as pressing a few buttons on the units touch screen display so the same unit can be used for all of our stages of DME tune. The Atlas can be used for any and all of our power and fuel economy upgrades.

The power and torque gains are the same as with our remaps:

X1 Sdrive 18i 2.0 16V (150bhp model) +20bhp +20nm
X1 Xdrive 25i 3.0 24V (218bhp model) +35bhp +30nm
X1 Xdrive 28i 3.0 24V

X1 Xdrive 18d 2.0 D (143bhp model) +40bhp +80nm
X1 Xdrive 20d 2.0 D (177bhp model) +40bhp +70nm

All upgrades are of course covered by our comprehensive 12 months warranty

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