Autocross-Spec Adjustable Shock Set for Tesla Model 3


Dominate your autocross competition with Unplugged Performance upgraded shocks. We offer the highest quality adjustable dampening that works with your stock springs to allow “super street” class competition, faster times on the course, and an insane improvement in around-town ride quality. Guaranteed.

Tesla Model 3 (All Variants)


Unplugged Performance suspension engineering has been proven around the world to consistently win races. After winning time attack events and a wide variety of organized motorsports events we’ve now set our sights on autocross. Our record winning suspension has been adapted and optimized to satisfy SCCA autocross street class regulations. SCCA’s Model 3 autocross classes such as “super street” and “super street r” restrict modifications. As a result, we are offering a SCCA AutocrossRulebook-compliant 32 way adjustable shocks that have been specifically tuned to extract maximum performance while retaining the factory springs. In keeping with SCCA regulations, these shocks are not height-adjustable and are purpose-built for the factory springs. The shocks are valved with daily driving as well as SCCA and similar rule set competitions in mind with perfect paring for the factory Model 3 springs. The 32 ways of adjustment offer a wide range in tuning for both racing and for daily driving comfort.

Daily Use

We recommend these set on soft settings for every day driving. Aside from being easily and quickly adjustable, the overall ride quality greatly improves over potholes and rough road surfaces. Feedback on the first day of install says it all: “I hit a pothole on the interchange that would usually be a loud bang and shudder through the car but now it was just a confident German-sounding thump. That alone is a big deal.”

SCCA Autocross Winning Combination

We recommend pairing these with our 3-way adjustable rear sway bar for the ultimate SCCA compliant suspension upgrades.

User’s Voice

After testing Unplugged’s new autocross shocks I can say with confidence that they do an amazing job of controlling nose dive, squat, and making body roll far better controlled. In addition to substantially better handling dynamics, potholes and sharp bumps are handled so much more competently now. The jarring bang that shakes through the whole car from potholes is now more like a confident German thump with the car staying much better composed.

Straight out of the box these shocks have been a fundamental improvement to the vehicle’s handling and they are also far more communicative about the road surface than the stock shocks ever were. I find them to be far better composed over large bumps or sudden changes of direction, and I even feel a noticeable improvement in panic braking situations.

So while these new Unplugged Performance Autocross Shocks are engineered for racing I would consider them a major improvement in street driving dynamics as well. Unplugged has finally made a Tesla with stock suspension geometry and ride height handle like the world-class sports sedan it should be.

– Jon Bickford



  • Dampening Adjustable – One easy to use 32-way adjustable control simultaneously adjusts the ratio of Rebound and Compression damping. Rebound damping regulates the speed at which your shock bounces back from an impact (pothole, bump, hard cornering). By adjusting rebound dampening, one can customize the ride and handling of Model 3.
  • Easy to access external adjustment knob included for fast access in the frunk.
  • Every shock is custom engineered utilizing our racing background and partnerships (our parent company is Bulletproof Automotive with a history since 2000 of building award-winning street and track cars). Each shock is assembled using the best components including some sourced from Ohlins. After assembly, they are placed on a shock dyno to validate each unit.
  • High flow D port pistons + super low friction seals and rod guide bushings.
  • High-end monotube design – Lighter and more consistent performance when driven hard. No cost-cutting measures utilizing less expensive twin tube.
  • Progressive bump stops.
  • Retains the factory upper damper mounts to mitigate the transmission of excessive noise and vibration into the passenger cabin
  • Like our Dual Rate Lowering Springs, the Unplugged Performance Coilover Suspension Kit is a simple and straightforward installation onto your Tesla Model 3 (about 3 hours)
  • Assembled in USA
  • Rebuildable and re-valvable in USA
  • This product is not officially endorsed by SCCA and we have no relationship with SCCA or its affiliates. It is designed to comply with the 2020 rulebook but we cannot guarantee that it will be officially allowed in all events and classes worldwide.  Compliance is at the discretion of local event officials.