Bilstein suspension upgrade


Bilstein B12 suspension upgrade


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We’ve worked with nearly all the suspension suppliers over the years both large and small and by and large they all do some good kit, however a product lives and dies by its warranty and Bilstein stand head and shoulders over the others in this regard, not only do they not fail but if they do they offer a complete warranty back up which cant be said for some of the others.

As a result we’ve worked with Bilstein offer the best range of upgrades for your Vauxhall, these upgrades comprise a complete damper replacement and uprated spring as a direct replacement for OEM and whilst fitting is quite straight forward we do advise than a full car geometry must be undertaken to ensure proper fit and set up. As part of this fitting we offer an enhanced geometry set up to give a more dynamic drive over and above the standard set up which any of our OPC’s can offer.

The B12 kit is a non adjustable set up, uprated dampers and springs and provides both a lower look for the car (30mm lower) to improve handling (less roll, lower CoG, less understeer) but with a smooth ride from the monotube dampers. All our Bilstein upgrades are on monotube dampers, this means they have greater resistance to fade, greater feel and are more resilient to flex.

Allow 3 hours fitting time and 2 hours for geometry

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