DME Power upgrade


Remap the cars DME to increase power, torque and fuel economy


From £X per month, subject to details, conditions apply


A cars power is controlled by its computer (DME), a remap is when we adjust the settings within the DME to add more power via boost, fueling, ignition timing etc. Many years are spent developing our DME remaps to ensure safety, longevity and reliability as well as increased power, torque and better fuel economy.

Its not all about power though, whats impressive is the smooth power delivery meaning the power is a lot more accessible than the standard car, a smooth power delivery is so much nicer to drive than a lurching on/off switch. We’ve also deliberately tried to improve fuel economy in our maps which can be as much as a 10% improvement depending on driving style, fuel used etc so its worth having and could see the cost of the ECU remap paid for in weeks.

All of our upgrades are covered by a fully comprehensive 12 months warranty

520i 2.0 24V (170bhp model) +10bhp +20nm
523i 2.5 24V (177bhp model) +15bhp +20nm
523i 2.5 24V (190bhp model) +15bhp +20nm
525i 2.5 24V (192bhp model) +20bhp +20nm
525i 3.0 24V (218bhp model) +15bhp +30nm
530i 3.0 24V (231bhp model) +15bhp +40nm
530i 3.0 24V (258bhp model) +15bhp +20nm
535i 3.0 (Twin) Turbo (306bhp model) +40bhp +65nm
540i 4.0 V8 (306bhp model) +30bhp +40nm
545i 4.4 V8 (333bhp model) +20bhp +25nm
550i 4.8 V8 (367bhp model) +20bhp +30nm

520d 2.0 D (163bhp model) +20bhp +60nm
520d 2.0 D (177bhp model) +30bhp +70nm
525d 3.0 D (197bhp model) +30bhp +55nm
530d 3.0 D (218bhp model) +30bhp +60nm
530d 3.0 D (231bhp model) +30bhp +60nm
530d 3.0 D (235bhp model) +30bhp +70nm
535d 3.0 D (272bhp model) +45bhp +70nm
535d 3.0 D (286bhp model) +35bhp +50nm

Prior to any work we undertake a full diagnostic check on the whole car including a full diagnosis of the cars DME and any faults that may be present as well has a full vehicle health check. No point upgrading a car that already has an issue that needs fixing first and on all DME upgrades you have the option of running the car on our dyno (rolling road) where we run the car before and after the DME upgrade to check the engine is working well and the power gains are verified. There is an additional cost of £90 for this service.

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