E46 M3/CSL Stage 2


ECU remap and full race exhaust


We put the M3 and CSL together as they share a lot of characteristics but with ECU remapping they are very different. Both cars run the same exhausts though so a stage 2 adds a full race system and an upgrade in the ECU map to make use of the extra airflow. Swapping the standard cars 400 cell cat out with a 200cell race cat means more air can be processed by the engine so we can increase the mapping further to take advantage of this.

With the CSL with its Alpha N ‘type’ mapping we gain approximately the same power and torque (20NM) as well as the same feeling.

Power gains are around 20PS and 30NM of torque for both models.

Before we undertake any mapping work we first run a full diagnositc check on the car and update the DME if required, we then run the car on the dyno multiple times to ensure all is working well. We then map the car and then repeat the dyno work fine tuning the map if required.

Final price depends on what exhaust option you choose.

All of our work is covered by our comprehensive 12 months warranty.