E92 M3 Stage 1


Improve power and fuel economy with an ECU remap and dyno


Stage 1 involves an ECU remap to enhance the cars power, torque and even fuel consumption. The E92 M3 rarely gives the stated 420bhp as standard, most come in around 400-405bhp and are highly affected by fuel quality, run a cheap 95 octane fuel in this car and you’ll be rewarded with a 20bhp drop in power, so bare that in mind when you fill up.

The process we follow is designed to ensure the car is in perfect shape before, during and after the ECU upgrade. Firstly we complete a full diagnositc check on your car and make sure your DME is up to date. Once this is done we perform a dyno test to check the car is performing as it should and then change the ECU map to the upgraded version. We then complete several more dyno runs each time checking and changing the map to suit the cars (all cars are different) and then complete the process with a final dyno run and power test to enable before and after dyno charts to be created.

Typical power gains are +10-15PS and 15-20NM of torque so very noticeable with a smoother power delivery and usually a 5-8% improvement in fuel economy (does depend on how you drive the car of course).

The process can be time consuming so please allow a full day for such work.

Your car is fully covered by our comprehensive 12 months warranty on the work