E92 M3 Stage 2


ECU remap and TMS custom race exhaust.


Stage 2 involves an ECU remap to enhance the cars power, torque and even fuel consumption as well as a selected high performance exhaust to aid airflow from the engine and increase power. The E92 M3 rarely gives the stated 420bhp as standard, most come in around 400-405bhp and are highly affected by fuel quality, run a cheap 95 octane fuel in this car and you’ll be rewarded with a 20bhp drop in power, so bare that in mind when you fill up.

Stage 2 differs to stage 1 by the addition of one of our custom build full race exhausts. Made from full stainless steel and carrying quad carbon fibre 83mm tips the wider bore system increases torque by 20nm and 18bhp even without a DME remap. We use 100 cell full specification race cats so the car will still pass an MOT but has maximum airflow and power. It sounds, of course stunning and saves 35kg over the standard exhaust system.

The DME is then updated to make use of the extra airflow (there is no charge for this when upgrading form a stage 1 DME upgrade from us)

Typical power gains are +25-35PS and 20-35NM of torque so very noticeable with a smoother power delivery and usually a 5-8% improvement in fuel economy (does depend on how you drive the car of course).

The process can be time consuming so please allow a full day for such work.

Your car is fully covered by our comprehensive 12 months warranty on the work