ECU remap


Improve power and fuel economy with an ECU remap


A cars power is controlled by its computer (ECU), a remap is when we adjust the settings within the ECU to add more power via boost, fueling, ignition timing etc. Many years are spent developing our ECU remaps to ensure safety, longevity and reliability as well as increased power, torque and better fuel economy.

Its not all about power though, whats impressive is the smooth power delivery meaning the power is a lot more accessible than the standard car, a smooth power delivery is so much nicer to drive than a lurching on/off switch. We’ve also deliberately tried to improve fuel economy in our maps which can be as much as a 10% improvement depending on driving style, fuel used etc so its worth having and could see the cost of the ECU remap paid for in weeks.

We are also able to offer speed capped remaps on commercial vehicles which offer increased improvement on fuel economy by limiting top speed to any MPH you require, drivers are unable to exceed the set speed limit and as such reduce fuel consumption is reduced (sometimes dramatically) but still giving the vehicle a more responsive drive with greater low down torque.

Power and torque gains for 2.5 CDTI (145PS version)

Power +30PS
Torque +55NM

All of our ECU remaps are covered by our comprehensive ‘lifetime’ warranty which offers identical cover to your Vauxhall warranty so you are completely covered in the event of any issue – just take it to one of our local Vauxhall dealer Performance Centres who are all specially trained to deal with any eventuality.