ECU Remap with dyno runs


Our ECU remap but with the extra benefit of dyno runs before and after installation.


A cars power is controlled by its computer (ECU), a remap is when we adjust the settings within the ECU to add more power via boost, fueling, ignition timing etc. Many years are spent developing our ECU remaps to ensure safety, longevity and reliability as well as increased power, torque and better fuel economy.

A stage 1 ECU upgrade refers to any vehicle which otherwise is standard, no other performance upgrades are present, the map is designed to work within the tolerances of the standard components including drive train, gearbox, diff etc to ensure complete reliability as well as increased driveability. Power gains from 10ps to 100ps depending on vehicle being mapped.

One aspect of all mapping is to firstly check the car is OK to have the uprgade, no point raising the power of the car if there is already an issue so a pre-install run on our dyno is always recommended. A dyno (also known as a rolling road) is like an ECG machine for the human body, we drive the car in a static position with a variety of sensors attached which check every element of the cars function. Then after the ECU map is complete we repeat the process to ensure everything is perfect and provide you with a printout showing the before and after comparisons. This service can only be offered at our HQ.

All of our ECU remaps are covered by our comprehensive ‘lifetime’ warranty which offers identical cover to your Vauxhall warranty so you are completely covered in the event of any issue – just take it to one of our local Vauxhall dealer Performance Centres who are all specially trained to deal with any eventuality.