Geometry Set up


Enhance your cars handling with an alignment upgrade


Stock setting from BMW are designed to allow the car to understeer but by changing these setting we can quickly improve the cars handling and feel on the road and track. The standard suspension wont allow us to change the laws of physics of course but there are some subtle changes we can make to the cars toe and camber to improve front end grip and reduce understeer.

Using our state of the art lazer alignment kit we can offer a complete geometry set up, this is a lot more detailed than a simple alignment check your local tyre fitter can do but is a version of the sort of work we conduct on race cars. If your car has after market suspension fitted then we can do even more as this will allow changes to ride height, greater options on castor, trail, toe and camber. If the car is to be used on track we can also offer full corner weighting to maximise grip and handling but this really is only encouraged for full track cars.

Of course we can slo just put your back to the stock settings, with our crappy roads the chances of your alignment being right are pretty small anyway, sure way to check is to look at your tyre wear, if you have greater wear on one side of the tyre or one side of the car than the other then its a sure sign that the alignment has been knocked out, best to get it checked.

Costs vary on time so a simple check is a lot less then a full race car set up so best to call to chat through what you need.