Insignia VXR Big Brake Kit


The ultimate brake upgrade for the Insignia VXR – massive 375mm disks, separate motorsport specification bells, full floating design, AP Racing 6 pot callipers and complete with fast road pads.


Brakes are the Insignia VXR’s achilles heel, just ask all the dealers that have been swapping them out under warranty when they warp in a few thousand miles, well, no more. A 375mm front disk is the largest available for a road car (we use smaller on GT3 race cars!) mated with a 6 pot AP Racing calliper, custom motorsport bells and a full floating design this is the highest possible brake upgrade you can get – all unique to Thorney Motorsport and its Performance Centres.

Each kit comprises

Pair of AP Racing 6 pot callipers
Pair of 375mm disks
Pair of motorsport specification bells
Set of fast road pads