Insignia VXR Haldex Rebuild/Upgrade


Dont spend huge money on replacing your problematic Haldex, have it refurbished instead.


The Insignia VXR Haldex unit is not without its problems, a combination of poor maintenance, poor driving style or just sheer bad luck means these are a common failure on even younger cars and the only dealer response to issues is to replace the unit at a whopping cost of nearly £5k.

The most common sign your haldex unit is on its way out is juddering/grinding whilst maneuvering/parking.

The Haldex unit is essentially a wet clutch mechanism with an oil pump, as such and as with all clutch type mechanisms they are prone to wear and use which leads to unit failure as well as leaks from seals and power failure (the unit has its own ECU) the good news is that all of these issues can be fixed for a fraction of the cost of a replacement unit.

Our Haldex upgrade service can be done in house here at Silverstone or via mail order – send us the complete unit and we will inspect it, determine the cause of failure and repair, we use only genuine Haldex parts which are uprated from the factory and the unit hand built back up. To date we have not had a failure of a rebuilt unit even on stage 4 modified cars.

We offer this service for vehicle booked in the workshop and units sent into us via courier.



Haldex unit removed and delivered to us – Full rebuild with uprated parts, bled and ready to install £2900 + shipping

Vehicle brought to us for haldex removal, rebuild and re-installation £3200

Allow 2 weeks turn around for the work. Courtesy cars are available when booking.