Stage 2 Corsa VXR


ECU remap, full race exhaust


Turbo charged cars are all about airflow and heat, you want to move the air through the engine as quickly as possible and keep the temperature of the air used in combustion as low as possible, sadly turbo chargers are prone to heating up the air (exhaust gases are used which are hot) so whilst power gains are good the resulting increase in air temperature is bad. By adding a free-er breathing exhaust onto the Corsa VXR the air is processed quicker which also has the effect of sucking heat from the engine as well.

A full 3″ bore is needed for the exhaust (smaller will simply drop the available power) especially if further upgrades beyond 250ps are required. The standard exhaust is pretty good but with a 400 cell catalytic converter and a 200 cell precat exhaust gases are relatively restricted and power is capped as a result.

By adding an exhaust system with a genuine race catalytic converter, replacing the precat with a straight through pipe and adding a performance rear silencer the gains in performance are immediately noticeable. Only a genuine motorsport cat should be used, there are plenty of 100 cell cats available but these will eventually cause the engine management system to see a degradation in emissions and fail an MOT, true motorsport cats are fully MOT compliant and are responsible for most of the power gains. The addition of a proper race exhaust allows us to increase the boost on the ECU map without compromising reliability so we get a lot more power as a result.

There are 3 Exhaust System options available(Loud, very loud or a custom build) for the Stage 2. All are Turbo back and include a road legal 200 cell catalytic convertor. Prices vary up and down dependant on what the customer chooses.



Please note all Corsa VXR models are subject to engine compression and leak down tests prior to any work commencing to ensure no engine damage exists prior to work being carried out.

All of our ECU remaps and exhausts are covered by our comprehensive ‘lifetime’ warranty which offers identical cover to your Vauxhall warranty so you are completely covered in the event of any issue – just take it to one of our local Vauxhall dealer Performance Centres who are all specially trained to deal with any eventuality.