Stage 3 Corsa VXR


ECU remap, sports exhaust, larger intercooler


Engines need air to create power and the cooler the air the denser it is and the more oxygen it will contain, more oxygen = bigger explosion when ignited and more power so the cooler the air used by the engine the more power it can create, this is why turbo charged cars feel quicker in cold weather.

To create this environment we change the standard intercooler for a larger more efficient version that allows more air to enter the engine and allows it to be cooled before it does. Along with a full 3″ bore Exhaust system and map gains should be about:

230 bhp

310 nm


Due to the well known issues on the Corsa VXR engine we undertake a complete compression and leak down test on the engine before any mapping takes place, this is to ensure that there are no pre-existing issues before any tuning work is undertaken.

Final price can vary up and down on what exhaust option is chosen.


Intercoolers are available in satin black or silver. Hoses are available in many colours (please see colour chart). Please specify colours when ordering/booking.