TMS 10 Point Competition Roll Cage

Race cage, custom made


We seem to have more phone calls and questions on cages and their fitting than anything else these days, be them for full race car preparation or just track day use there does appear to be a lot of misunderstanding about what a cage is designed to do it seems.

In simple terms there are two kinds of cages for cars – a safety cage and a chassis cage. A safety cage is exactly as it sounds, a cage installed into the car to protect the occupants in the event of a crash, its purpose is simply to prevent the occupants getting squashed in the event of a side impact or worse still a roll over. Pretty much all bolt in cages are safety cages. The other kind, a chassis cage, is where the whole chassis is essentially tightened up and strengthened effectively making parts of the bodywork simply there for show; the whole car is stiffened up around the design of the cage. This is what we do.

Price depends on specification

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