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We’ve never been fans of tuning boxes, the process of fooling the cars ECU into doing something its not happy with is not something we agree with and we’ve always shied away from this kind of product. Typically a tuning box works by taking the cars ECU signal and then changing it to get more power (fuel pressure, boost etc) but as the ECU isnt aware of this change it means its controlling the car blind so if there is an issue its unable to protect the car with the resulting problems that can create.

However over the years (decades really) the technology has moved on and over the past two years we’ve been developing our own plug in device which we call the TMS Connect as it really works with the cars ECU rather than against it.

The TMS Connect is unique, its not a tuning box in the old sense but rather more of a self contained ECU and importantly the TMS Connect communicates with the cars ECU to generate extra power. The signal from the ECU is received by the TMS Connect and it adjusts a variety of parameters to improve power an fuel economy, this information is fed back to the cars ECU so that its aware of the levels of boost, fueling, ignition timing etc that are being changed. It is in effect like a live remap in that the cars ECU still controls the power but using different parameters that are constantly being updated and changed as the conditions require.

The parameters we change are identical to our standard software maps installed by a laptop or by the Atlas device so its the same trusted TMS power upgrade just installed in a different manner, its also fully covered by our extensive warranty as with all our upgrades.

The benefits of this system are three fold, firstly some cars ECU’s are now encrypted, so whilst we can map the car the moment the ignition is turned off the map is no longer recognised and needs to be re-installed – somewhat impractical. By using the TMS Connect there are no map protocols to deal with, the ECU simply sees the changes and works with the TMS Connect to generate the required power and fuel economy, the moment the ignition is turned off it simply resets the same as the ECU. All of this happens in micro tenths of a second so its seamless.

Secondly the TMS Connect is adjustable by the user, certain parameters can be changed to perfectly suit your needs, want a bit more midrange? No problem, just open the unit and adjust the parameters, want to maximise fuel economy? No problem, simply repeat the process. Some tools are need (to open the unit) but its a safe and secure adjustment that you can do yourself and we can give you full guidance as how to adjust the unit. However the mapping we pre-set the unit with will be perfect for your needs both in terms of power and torque gains but also fuel economy, but if you want to tune the car further (exhausts, induction,. intercooler for example) then we can advise on adjusting the settings in the TMS Connect to maximise the cars potential.

Finally the unit is removable and can be moved from car to car for no extra charge (there maybe a minor charge for map changes), once removed there are no legacy codes in the car and no map remains, the process is a purely physical one and so once removed there is no evidence of its installation, thats not to say we aren’t proud of the product, it, like all of our upgrades comes with our market leading warranty.

Fitting is very simple, there are only two connections into the engine harness and the TMS Connect uses OEM BMW connectors so its a simple plug in and off you go, the whole process takes less than 2 minutes to install.

Power increase

635d (286ps model) +30ps +80nm

The TMS Connect has been years in development and we are so proud of it that its the first product of its kind that we’ve been happy to put our name and Devil brand on so you can be sure that we are sure that this is the best product in the market.

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