TMS high performance air filter


High performance air filter

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An engine is all about airflow, get it in, get it used and get it out so the majority of our tuning in concerned with the process. An airfilter is one of the first things we look at to improve. All standard Vauxhalls come with a paper filter which isn’t that dissimilar to what you get in your vacuum cleaner, ie its cheap, replaceable and just about does its job.

What we do is throw away that filter and replace it with an item that allows more air to be sucked into the engine but still keeps all the dirt and crap out. We spent a long time researching the best materials to use for this, too little filtering and you’ll get engine damage, to much and you might as well use the paper filter and lose any power gains so its a fine art, but after extensive testing on road and on track we elected to use G60 foam material.

G60 foam is the same we use in the race cars including the BTCC cars, indeed most of the grid now uses it as it offers the highest level of airflow with the highest filtering possible, if BTCC teams use it to protect our £30,000 race engines you can be sure it will be enough to protect yours! We also need to be mindful of delicate electronic devices such as air mass meters which are fitted to most road cars now, an AMM measures the volume of air used by an engine and is easily damaged by oil or particulate matter so a heavily oiled filter not using G60 foam will likely cause an issue in use. We have no such issues so you can use one of our performance filters without any problem.

A replacement air filter wont suddenly add 20PS to your car but you will get a slightly better throttle response, a bit of extra sound and no need to throw them away at each service just clean off and put back in.