TMS Large Front Mount Intercooler (Vectra VXR)


Large front mount intercooler


Finally, after 2 years of R&D we can release our Vectra VXR Stage 3 conversion. The results are spectacular and a little frightening. We could have gone a lot further, but need to keep something back for Stage 4!

When developing the power upgrades for the Vectra it was clear from the outset that intake temperatures were keeping the power down no doubt related to the fact that the cats are fitted right up on the manifold but its taken us some time to develop a proper solution to allow the engine to release more power.

After a long development with our intercooler partners Pace we have now developed what can only be described as a ‘huge’ intercooler for the Vectra. The results are astounding, intake temps even on a dyno run are halved and as such we are able to be a lot more aggressive on the mapping to generate extra power. In short, we have so much torque now that we’ve had to cap it to protect the clutch, 450lb is nearly 100lb more than an E60 M5. We recommend an LSD with this upgrade.