Vorsteiner 570-VX Aero Front Bumper w/ Front Splitter Carbon Fiber PP 2×2 (Glossy)



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The Vorsteiner VX Front Bumper & Splitter in Carbon Fibre for the McLaren 570S includes integrated dive planes, dual purpose canards and side deflecting plates.

Through the integrated dive planes, a Venturi effect takes place which forces air directly through the front radiators. These dive planes act not only as air ducts, but also canards channeling oncoming air upwards resulting in a greater net downforce.

Creating high-pressure zones above and around the car and low-pressure zones underneath the car gives the 570-VX unparalleled downforce, keeping you stuck to the tarmac at much higher speeds.

Both the Front Bumper & Front Splitter are available in Vorsteiner’s Autoclaved 2×2 Pre-Preg Carbon Fibre with UV Inhibiting Clear Lacquer Coating or Dry Vacuumed Woven Plastic.

Please see other items for Dry Vacuumed Woven Plastic (DVWP) Bumper




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