Vorsteiner 570-VX Aero Wing Blade Carbon Fiber w/ Aluminum Uprights, PP 2×2 Glossy


Glossy Spoiler, Aluminium Uprights


The chassis mounted Vorsteiner VX Rear Wing Blade carries a slender, yet bold appearance with slim Uprights (stands) emerging from the rear bumper. The wing is optimized to match the roof line of the vehicle allowing for air running across the roof to carry itself directly to the wing blade.

The aero program adds some serious aggression to the McLaren 570S, but is engineered using the latest CFD test procedures. These tests allow Vorsteiner to bring balance and harmonize the front and rear downforce levels so the load is evenly distributed. Creating high-pressure zones above and around the car and low-pressure zones underneath the car gives the 570-VX unparalleled downforce, keeping you stuck to the tarmac at much higher speeds.

Available options:

– Carbon Wing Blade & Carbon Uprights

– Carbon Wing Blade & Aluminium Uprights

– Dry Vacuumed Woven Plastic Wing Blade & Aluminium Uprights

Please see other items for different material choices