Yamaha YXZ1000R SS LE



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The Model Year 2019 YXZ1000R Sport Shift LE received an impressive number of updates from design to refined and recalibrated mechanical and electronical specifications, improved functionality resulting in stunning overall performance.

Redesigned, refined and improved

We’re taking off road performance to the next level with the YXZ1000R SS LE – the highest specification SxS ever! Its rally-style paddle shift gives instant fingertip control for clutchleSS LE full throttle shifting. And with its YCC-S activated launch control system, nothing comes close to the YXZ1000R SS LE from a standing start.

Equipped with 29″ Inch Big Horn tyres on 14-inch cast aluminium wheels and recalibrated long travel suspension, the YXZ1000R SS LE is built to dominate the most extreme terrain.

At a glance

  • Sport-Shift paddle shifters give total control
  • Intelligent Yamaha Chip Controlled Shift
  • Sport-Shift paddle shifters give total control
  • The most advanced pure sport SxS
  • Seamless upshifting even on full throttle
  • Fast and efficient clutchless shifting
  • Compact, high-powered 3-cylinder 998cc engine
  • 14-inch cast aluminium beadlock wheels
  • Easy-to-operate launch control system
  • Refined fast and efficient clutchleSS LE shifting
  • 29″ inch Big Horn tyres on 14″ Bead Lock Alu wheels
  • SeamleSS LE upshifting even on full throttle


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