YXZ1000R ECU remap


ECU remap, more power and more torque


From £X per month, subject to details, conditions apply


Gain an extra 10bhp and 10nm of torque by remapping the ECU. This is a genuine remap, not a plug in fuel pressure adjustor but a genuine re-program of the cars ECU to give more power, we are experts in the field having been involving in the remapping World for cars for nearly 20 years.

Custom developed on our own all wheel drive dyno we are able to fine tune the standard cars ECU to give more power and torque and optimise the power delivery. Combined with one of our sports exhausts we can further enhance power with the extra airflow the higher flow exhaust can give.

You can either bring your car here and we can map it on the dyno (and extra £90) or send us your ECU and we can upgrade it off the car.

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