Astra GTC 200 Ltd Edition

The GTC is our version of the VXR for the other GTC models, increased power, more dynamic handling, more aggressive stance and unique livery.

We start off with one of our sports exhausts which gives a great bark and wonderful howling tone at full RPM, this is mated to one of our ECU remaps and performance air filters to increase power, torque and fun.

For handling we fit a set of our performance springs which give greater control on body roll, improve grip and sharpen the turn in and steering so the car feels more alive, then we add a set of our BTCC inspired wheel sets, lighter than standard these not only improve the steering feel but also add to the increased steering feel.

The GTC 200 package can be added to any Astra GTC model (except the VXR, we have the VXR-R model for those)