Become a Thorney Motorsport 
Mclaren Independent Specialist

We are now inviting interest to become a Thorney Motorsport McLaren Independent Specialist.

Our operation and our processes have proven to be successful in the servicing and maintenance of the McLaren range of models and as such we wish to expand our quality of service to a greater number of owners by working with selected operations outside the UK. By becoming a Thorney Motorsport McLaren Independent Specialist we offer;

  • Full diagnostic, operational, training, and real-time support
  • weeks training course for up to two technicians
  • Supply of full diagnostic equipment covering every element of McLaren model diagnosis and programming
  • Supply of specialist tools and equipment
  • Access to discounted McLaren parts, shipped Worldwide
  • Access to complete McLaren diagnostic and technical data for every McLaren model
  • Full marketing, promotional support
  • Thorney Motorsport McLaren Independent Specialist workshop signage and clothing
  • Initial 12-month contract term
  • Dedicated exclusive geographical area

It’s important to note that we are selecting what we consider to be our partners in this expansion, we will be deliberate in the selection, we are certainly not looking to simply expand our network like Subway franchises! McLaren owners are sophisticated and demand the very best of service and our expansion is to allow more access to our service not simply add dealers.

There are three levels of support we can offer:
Level 1 
Supply of full diagnostic equipment, full McLaren subscription data for the diagnostic equipment, fully online and real-life support, full access to all McLaren technical data and live car by car support, and two weeks training here in the UK.
Initial cost EU25,000
Annual cost thereafter EU5,000
Level 2
Same as level 1 but no technician training here in the UK
Initial Cost EU15,000
Annual cost thereafter EU5,000
Level 3
Same as level 1 but no diagnostic equipment supplied at all and no training program in the UK
Initial cost EU5,000
Annual cost thereafter EU5,000
All levels include full subscription costs for diagnostic equipment and all vehicle technical information.

At the same time, we have no pre-conceived ideas as to what our new Thorney Motorsport McLaren Independent Specialists will look like, you may already have a successful existing McLaren business and here our plan would be to allow you to expand this as well as improve your depth of knowledge and work. You may be a new operation, perhaps an ex-McLaren technician looking to use your existing McLaren knowledge to create your own unique service, here with our established brand and Worldwide reach we can be instrumental in developing this.

What is crucial is that we consider the owner as the central part of the service proposal, what they need and want is the focus of our own operation and this mentality will be expected for all of our partners as we expand.

Please complete the Thorney Motorsport McLaren Independent Specialist application form HERE for more information.

Thorney Motorsport McLaren Independent Specialist Application

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