We have been servicing and maintaining McLarens for 9 years, we are the largest McLaren independent in the World, during which time we have retained the same staff and management to give you the ultimate depth of knowledge of the cars. We own our own McLaren 720s Spider and McLaren 570S which we have converted into our GT4R special edition as well as owning several 12c Coupe and Spider  models – we know these cars inside and out. Our servicing and maintenance regime is based on what the car needs rather than a fixed ‘tick box’ list of items to be changed, our paint and bodywork operation understands the technical requirements for perfect McLaren paint matching. We also have an expanding group of dealers around the World so McLaren owners not in the UK can still access our services.

The McLaren official service sheets give us two lists of parts; one list compromising of parts and what mileage they need replacing at and one with parts to replace depending on age, it is very rare we see a car that actually ‘needs’ these parts replacing or has got to the mileage that they require replacing so we undertake a condition based servicing where we replace only those items that need to be replaced.

As a result we have created a service schedule which is determined by what the car needs both determined by age and usage, there are no ‘major’ or ‘minor’ services – these are terms created by less experienced operations in an attempt to keep it simple, what we prefer is to be more transparent and detail exactly what is included and what is needed at the respective correct times. This ensures your car is serviced both within accordance with McLaren’s requirements (and thus ensures warranty compliance) but also means absolute peace of mind that you are looking after the car properly.

So, all of our services are split into an ‘Annual Service’ and then the items you will need to replace depending on mileage or age (whichever comes first). If you are unsure just give us a call, we will happily walk you through it.


This consists of a full vehicle health check. A Bumper to bumper check of the entire vehicle. Throughout this check, we note and photograph all issues and report back to the customer. All fluid levels are checked/topped up. This includes full engine oil and filters replacement – we only use genuine McLaren filters and McLaren specification Mobil 1 oil.
Once the work is complete the car is test driven and fluid levels then re-checked. Time in the workshop – 4 hours.

Our Annual Service costs £650.00


Please note that all items below are McLaren genuine parts unless otherwise stated. All prices include VAT.

Wiper blade 650/12c.

Listed on every service sheet but 90% of the time the blades are in perfect condition.

£45.00 Fitted

Cabin Filter 

An item to be checked and replaced when required. For vehicles that do little mileage we find these to not need replacing.

£120.00 Fitted

Air filters 

These again an item that is mileage and age specific. Recommended to be done every 2 years.

£240.00 Fitted

Park brake pads 

McLaren recommended to be replaced every 20000 miles but we replace on condition.

CCM £336.00 Fitted

Steel £328.00 Fitted

Brake fluid change

McLaren recommended every 2 years, we advise more frequent replacement for cars going on track or before or after long Euro tours. We also recommend more frequent replacement for cars that are sat for long periods, brake fluid is hydroscopic (it absorbs water from the atmosphere) so long period of  storage mean the effectiveness can be affected. We only use high quality DOT 5.1 fluid from Mobil 1


Clutch oil & Filter

Recommended to be done every 20000 miles. We use the McLaren spec FFL-4 Clutch oil.


Gearbox Oil and filter 

Recommend to be done every 40000 miles.



Recommended to be replaced every 5 years. When having a coolant change carried out we highly recommend a full hose clip replacement as they are very prone to failure. You can read more about out hose clip replacement HERE

Full coolant change £317.00