Complete hose clip replacement – Workshop service


Complete replacement of all the air and water hose clips to motorsport specification clamps.


The standard water and air hose clips are just not up to the job, reports of water leaks, air hoses off are common so rather than spend time replacing one at a time as they fail we have developed a drive in drive out complete replacement of every clip on the water and air system of the car.

Standard hose clips are thin, single use clips, relying on a pure resistance fit and just wont last, we replace all of these (18 in total) for all the cars air and water lines (fuel lines are not affected) with competition specification clamps, these have double ridges on the inside to clamp more firmly and zero chances of sliding off.

The majority of the cost is labour, a total of 9 hours is needed to replace all of these clips but can be done in a day if required.