Mclaren Warranty

Our years of experience working on McLaren’s has allowed us to learn a great deal about these cars, owning our own 12c and 570s as well as working on numerous customer cars for anything from servicing to gearbox replacements we are confident that there are few other operations as keenly aware of all the details on these cars and as a result, we are able to offer our own comprehensive warranty.

First off there is no multiple page warranty document, we aren’t looking to exclude or wriggle out of potential claims via paragraphs of legal jargon design to avoid covering repairs, what we have a simple contract where Thorney Motorsport agree to look after your vehicle and any problem it has for a period of 12 months. There are no exclusions or ‘common failure clauses’ to catch you out, we expect the car to be reasonably looked after and we won’t cover items that are affected by wear and tear but that’s it.


All vehicles must have a full inspection prior to commencement of cover. The cost of this inspection is included.

  • Maximum limit per claim of £10,000
  • Unlimited mileage
  • 12-month duration of cover
  • £100 excess

We believe that the history of the car is crucial to understanding ownership so as part of our warranty operation when we inspect the car we take over 100 images of the car and specific mechanical areas we like to monitor, these include such areas as front and rear main oil seals, oil tanks, hose clips, bushes, suspension and error codes.

Each time the car comes in for work we update these images so we can monitor items such as oil usage or potential leaks and all these images are stored on a specific Google Drive account for each vehicle, this is shared with the owner.

As and when the owner wishes to sell their car it means they can then share this information – which represents a detailed contemporaneous record of the car’s use to any potential new owner. This ensures that we can monitor any potential issues that might arise and any new owner has a full history of the car well above and beyond simple servicing.


What is not covered

  • Reasonable wear and tear, this includes wearable items such as clutch, brake pads and disks, tyres, carpets and trim, stonechips etc
  • Abuse, this includes ignoring issues such as leaks, not warming the car up and down prior to use, unreasonable track use (track driving is NOT excluded subject to reasonable use and no abuse)
  • Squeaks and rattles due to trim
  • Non Thorney Motorsport vehicle modifications where the modification is the cause of the issue. All Thorney Motorsport modifications are covered.
  • Paintwork – this is still covered by McLarens 10 year anti perforation warranty