570S Stage 1 Power Upgrade



Stage 1 comprises of an ECU remap upgrade with enhanced power and torque. No other mechanical modifications are required.

Power is increased by 100bhp @ 4000 rpm and torque increased by 130nm @ 5000 rpm. All of our dyno measurements are recorded at the wheels (you can calculate back to flywheel by allowing for 15-16% power train losses (Mclaren stated drive train losses they have measured).

The map has been developed to be relatively calm at lower rpm, under 4,000rpm the car feels relatively standard but from 4000rpm all the way to 8000rpm it would be fair to say the performance is ‘shocking’. A wave of torque lifts the front of the car and squats the back down to such an extent that its hard to describe, it is an utterly transformed drive but retains complete smoothness with no peaks or troughs in the power delivery whatsoever.  Its such an improvement that if you dont like it we will take it off and refund you in full.