Astra GTC VXR ECU remap


Increase the cars power by adjusting the ECU to increase power, torque and driveability.


A cars power is controlled by its computer (ECU), a remap is when we adjust the settings within the ECU to add more power via boost, fueling, ignition timing etc. Many years are spent developing our ECU remaps to ensure safety, longevity and reliability as well as increased power, torque and better fuel economy.

The latest Astra has the most sophisticated ECU seen on a Vauxhall product to date, as such ECU remaps need careful thought and development. For this reason we’ve taken our time to develop the best map possible for the car. In standard trim the GTC VXR gives a consistent 278ps which is impressive but with an ECU remap we can bring that right up to 300-310ps.

Its not about power though, whats impressive is the smooth power delivery meaning the power is a lot more accessible than the standard car, its so smooth that its on high power all the time, not just via the VXR button, something we deliberately developed to maximise the use but also the improvement in fuel economy – its not a huge amount better but it is better and worth having.

All of our ECU remaps are covered by our comprehensive ‘lifetime’ warranty which offers identical cover to your Vauxhall warranty so you are completely covered in the event of any issue – just take it to one of our local Vauxhall dealer Performance Centres who are all specially trained to deal with any eventuality.