Astra GTC VXR Piper 3″ Full Exhaust system with sports cat 1 silencers (louder)



The standard VXR suffers from a distinct lack of sound, it really is quiet, too quiet so we have cured this with a great sounding sports exhaust. The sound is sporty but not to intrusive.

The full system is comprised of full 3″ bore tubing allowing for greater airflow over standard, the standard catalytic converters is replaced with a special sports ceramic version so power is increased but no MOT issues or emissions and especially no engine management light. There are two smaller silencers rather than the standard larger versions which gives us a great sound but maximises airflow and hence power.

Power is increased by 15ps without any remap required (there is more from the remap of course).

The system is over 12kg lighter than the standard system, is comstructed of type 304 stainless steel and of course is covered by our standard ‘Lifetime’ warranty which gives you complete security of zero issues with your Vauxhall warranty and no issues with local Vauxhall dealer servicing.