TMS Sports Exhaust


Give some decent sound to your 720!


The 720 was launched with grand statements from Woking that it sounded awesome, well, so to Quote Trump, thats fake news, the 720 is actually the most boring sounding model in the range, cold start up is ok, but form inside the cabin the effect, even with the sports exhaust is zero, either the sound insulation is too good or Mclaren are just too conservative.

No problem, our catback Sports exhaust is all about noise, we ditch the silencers, widen the bore of the balance pipe, re-position the balance pipe close to the engine (to deepen the note) and create an effective straight through exhaust which maximises airflow and maximises sound.

What most fun from the exhaust though is gear changes, up the box you get a lovely crackle and pop under hard acceleration and down changes even at low rpm give a lovely burble as the over run flows though the exhaust, its really is a transformation.

Available in stainless steel, titanium or inconel.

We only use mandrel bends so the interior airflow is maximised and all are covered by our lifetime warranty.

The tips are interchangeable so you can select which tip which can be changed by a simple bolt on olive joint, the same as McLaren use so select the tip you’d like and you can change whenever you feel like it or use the existing tips supplied with the car.