Custom Build Catback


Based on our GT3 race cars, catback system with cross over centre section. Fits to standard cats.


Fours years in development and based in no small part to our GT3 race cars we are delighted with our new race system, we wanted to get it absolutely perfect, perfect tone and sound – not too loud for track days but the right pitch to make you feel like you’re driving a screaming V8. At lower RPM the car rumbles and barks but at higher RPM the pitch changes to a higher octave and literally demands you push harder and harder – its really is addictive. There are no valves on this system, why bother, get the pitch and tone right and you wont need a quieter/louder version – just the right sound all of the time.

A lot has been discussed about carbon fibre tail trims and its true, its very hard to get these right where the carbon can withstand the heat from the exhaust and our trims are perfect. Each of the 4x85mm tips has a TMS devil logo on and the laquered coating is protecting rather than trying to be shiny. We did 25 back to back dyno runs testing the carbon tips (they wont get hotter) and the tips look as good as the day we fitted them and even in full runs they can be held by the bare hand – they work that well.

The rear system comprises a pair of rear silencers with quad carbon fibre tail trims and the centre section with cross over pipe, it will bolt straight to the OEM cats so power gains are less than the full system but you get the full noise.

Fitting takes a couple of hours so allow for that when booking and as you’d expect there is a full TMS warranty on the full system which could last a lifetime.