Astra H VXR Custom Built 3″ Full system


Full custom build full race system.


If you want the best exhaust possible for your VXR then why buy a mass produced one off the shelf, have something custom made just to your requirements. All of our custom build exhausts are designed and developed for your particular car and for the Astra H VXR we have done the very best.

Each exhaust is only made from type 304 stainless steel so is guaranteed for life. We use a 3″ bore internal diameter to maximise power and torque and all the bends are mandrel bent and tig welded to ensure both maximum airflow but also highest quality construction. All of this is done in house, at our workshops at Silverstone.

The beauty of custom build exhausts is that we can make the system as loud or as quiet as you like, by adding, removing or changing design of the silencers we can create that perfect sound specific to your car. All of our silencers are of the absorption type rather than deflection, an absorption silencer means that all the airflow is directed down the pipe so no loss of airflow – maximum power.

Our race cats are the highest quality possible, 200 cell but importantly with a 70g coating meaning that there are no engine management lights, no MOT issues, no requirements for maps or spacers just a genuine, high quality cat which allows maximum power with no downsides. Of course we remove the precat and replace with a straight through pipe as part of the full system

Of course with a custom exhaust the choice of tip is up to you, a VXR replica, an oval, a twin even a carbon fibre (our favourite) are possible you can pick whatever you want (within reason), we can even change the routing out of the side of the car, the side of the bumper, twin outlet conversions, anything is possible.

Power gains from a full system are impressive, even with no change to mapping a good 10-15bhp is achievable as well as a drop in weight by over 18kg.

As with all of our upgrades a full warranty is given which can last a lifetime.


Price includes full system with 2 silencers, VXR replica tip, Fitting and VAT.

For more information on our custom build exhaust click here.