Custom Built Sports Exhaust

Custom built catback exhaust, hand built, Zircotek ceramic coated, fully fitted. Get some noise

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It is simple enough to buy an off the shelf exhaust for the 570, however in our experience quality is so variable that we are unwilling to risk our reputation in supplying an off the shelf system so we only offer our own custom build exhausts. Custom build means exactly that – fully hand built in house at our workshops near Silverstone, nothing is pre-made, we design, develop and weld the entire system from scratch, in front of your eyes if that interests you.

We only use the highest quality type 304 stainless steel, this means no rust, ever which is confirmed by our lifetime guarantee on the system, we stand by our exhausts not just for the first owner but for the life of the car.

The sound is simply incredible, if you think the Mclaren sports exhaust sounds good then be prepared to be blown away, start up is loud with a deep growl from the system, at higher rpm the exhaust barks and pops on up and downshifts, its really is great fun. The turbo and induction sounds are also magnified, it really makes the car come alive.<br.

The catback system is exactly that, the standard cars cats are unaffected so there are no changes to fueling so no issues on warranty – its represents the same part that Mclaren change with their own sports exhaust (our simply sounds better) so there are no warranty questions. Obviously the Mclaren warranty wont cover the exhaust itself but thats covered by our lifetime warranty so you’re fully covered.

The system is fully mandrel bent (means the internal diameter of the pipe is smooth and uniform) , 3″ bore (essential for the power level of the 570) and features our unique cross over design to ensure pressure balance between the banks of cylinders on the Mclaren engine. The price includes both full fitting but also fully Zircotek ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is ESSENTIAL for any exhaust changes to the 570, the 12c and 650 had exhaust heat shielding built into the bodywork, the 540/570 do not so you MUST ceramic coat the system to protect the bodywork. There are now lots of different types of ceramic coatings but we only ever use the original and the best – Zircotek, its a full plasma coating so can resist the highest temperatures (900 degrees+) but its not cheap, £650 of the cost of the system is for this alone.