TMS Sports Exhaust


Want better sound from your 12c? Fit our Sports exhaust


There are three main benefits of fitting a sports exhaust to your McLaren; better sound, better looks and increased performance. Our 12c sports exhaust is simply the best available. first developed back in 2013 the design has been adapted and improved to such an extent it cannot be improved further.

Our catback for the 12c was developed on our own car over two years of research and work. The sound is simply incredible, if you think the Mclaren sports exhaust sounds good then be prepared to be blown away, we even fitted a Mclaren sports system to a customers car and started it up, he loved it, but when we started our own car next to his his face dropped and immediately asked us to take the Mclaren one off and fit one of ours, he sold the Mclaren sports exhaust for for than ours cost as well! The catback system is exactly that, the standard cars cats are unaffected so there are no changes to fueling so no issues on warranty – its represents the same part that Mclaren change with their own sports exhaust (our simply sounds better) so there are no warranty questions. Obviously the Mclaren warranty wont cover the exhaust itself but thats covered by our lifetime warranty so you’re fully covered.

The system is fully mandrel bent (means the internal diameter of the pipe is smooth and uniform) , 3″ bore (essential for the power level of the 12c) and features our unique cross over design to ensure pressure balance between the banks of cylinders on the Mclaren engine. The sound is stunning but perfect for track use, we have tested the exhaust at Brands Hatch, Donington, Silverstone and even Castle Combe – all passing noise limits without issue.