Custom Build Exhaust System

We specialise in hand crafting custom build exhausts. For more information please click here.


The whole idea of tuning your car is to create something that you want for yourself, something that suits exactly what you want to achieve and not someone elses idea of it, so why have an off the shelf exhaust system?

Developed over years of creating one off exhausts for race cars we’ve now widened the role to include custom road car exhausts custom made for your car. The choices are limitless, bore, bend type, material quality, catalytic converter type, design and level of noise are all custom tuned to your needs. Just want a nice sound and better looking tail pipes for your diesel? No problem, have a long list of engine upgrades and want to maximise the performance with a better exhaust system? No problem, we can provide everything from a set of exhaust tips with your name on to a full manifold and race exhaust with FIA approved race cats and everything in between.

For diesel cars we offer a full DPF removal service as well as a custom ECU upgrade to compliment it, for race cars we can provide removable silencers for lower noise limit track days, anything and everything is possible.

Costs vary due to time, as each system is custom made to order there is no fixed price, a simple rear silencer with nice tips can be as low as £150 to a full race system with manifolds at over £6,000, the choice is yours. Every model of car is covered, not just BMW and Vauxhall and we can even offer a before and after dyno runs of the car to show the power gains made.

For all Custom exhaust work its best to give us a call and organise getting your vehicle over too us for a free quote. We can go through your requirements and options and give you a tailored price. Please give us a call on 01280 850102 to book a quote.