Custom Geometry set up


Enhanced handling and grip from a custom geometry set up.


The stock set up from Mclaren is for understeer to set in well ahead of over steer, thats well and good but for those wanting a little more lively handling we can offer a custom geometry set up.

Generally we advise to fit our spacer kit and run a stock geometry as it offers a huge increase in handling for no downsides, but for those who want more (track work really) we can adjust the cars toe and camber to give a better turn in, more stable mid corner grip and corner exit traction.

As with any custom work the changes will depend on what you want, we spend some time learning what you want from the car and your driving style and then adjust accordingly, this is all based on our own direct experience from our own 12c and the extensive road and track time we have invested to get the right set up.

This is about as far from a ‘Quick Fit’ tracking set up as is possible, the process takes 3 to 4 hours, all the under trays need to be removed as well as wheels and considerable time taken to get the set up right. We use our own £25,000 Hunter wheel alignment equipment and provide a before and after print out for your records.