E46 M3 Bilstein Clubsport Suspension Kit


The ultimate road legal track day set up.


Nearly 3 years in development this is the pinnacle suspension upgrade for the E46 series M3 (fits coupe, 4 door and cab). We are proud to be the first UK tuning company to fit and develop the kit to ensure its suitability for UK roads and tracks and as you’d expect we have a range of custom set ups we can offer for owners to suit their needs.

The Clubsport is a full race specification monotube damper, custom developed progressive springs (a first for Bilstein on a road BMW), full compression and rebound adjustment front and rear and camber adjustable top mounts for the front struts, it really is a full race kit. However, race suspension wont last long on the road so the Clubsport has been developed with road seals, uprated top mounts and fixings and a wider range of damping adjustment to allow for a softer compression range for road work, as a result it carries the excellent full Bilstein warranty.

Every aspect of the Clubsport is new, the adjustment screws are the new versions used on the full Bilstein kits, the top mounts are made in house at Bilstein and the drop links and bushes are all custom designed for use in harsh winter road conditions. Most importantly the range of adjustment on the damping is wide enough to give you a comfortable road set up, with the compression damping set to to 2 clicks off full soft the ride is firm but not unpleasant. With rebound set to 4 clicks off full soft the bounce is nicely damped but still reacts fast enough to cope with very bumpy roads so traction is maintained.

However its on track the Clubsports shine, set to 2 clicks off full hard the grip levels are astounding, even on standard road tyres, roll is minimal and you feel the extra lateral grip try to pull you sideways out of the seat, you literally hold onto the steering wheel such is the extra grip (car badly needs better seats and harness’s really at this level). Traction out of turns is excellent, the rear feels compliant and is able to grip and hunker down under power out of even the tightest turns. Even with the compression dialed up you can still attack kerbs without fear of unsettling the chassis – a particular M3 trait that we wanted to maximise.

In short this is the finest suspension upgrade available for the E46 M3.

Fitting time is relatively lengthly, allow 4-5 hours for a full fitting as well as a further 1/2 hours for geometry set up. We have a range of geometry sets ups available depending on your choice of use, tracks, other upgrades etc up to and including full corner weighting.