Insignia VXR Stage 2


ECU remap and TMS exhaust


Turbo charged cars are all about airflow and heat, you want to move the air through the engine as quickly as possible and keep the temperature of the air used in combustion as low as possible, sadly turbo chargers are prone to heating up the air (exhaust gases are used which are hot) so whilst power gains are good the resulting increase in air temperature is bad. By adding a free-er breathing exhaust onto the Insignia VXR the air is processed quicker which also has the effect of sucking heat from the engine as well.

The standard Insignia VXR exhaust has cats in the downpipes and in the main system, both of these are not needed for the MOT so we remove the main cat under the car and replace with a straight through pipe, this allows greater airflow and an increase in power. Sound is much improved with a sporty bark from the system which is not too loud and no boom at motorway speeds.

Power increase 40ps
Torque increase 60nm

All of our ECU remaps and exhausts are covered by our comprehensive ‘lifetime’ warranty which offers identical cover to your Vauxhall warranty so you are completely covered in the event of any issue – just take it to one of our local Vauxhall dealer Performance Centres who are all specially trained to deal with any eventuality.

We can add a centre resonator for £75 for people wanting less noise.