Mclaren 570s Lowering spring Kit


Agency Power lowering spring kit for the Sports series cars – Please note this is a special order item. Please contact us for lead times.


We dont believe in lowering a car simply for looks, we lower cars to improve their handling, how the car looks is a secondary benefit for us and we wont lower a car if it compromises the ride too much either so its taken us some time to find a lowering kit that improved the handling first and foremost but also kept the ride sensible. We are also conscious that handling is one of the Mclarens sweet spots so messing with it is not something we took lightly so its taken us nearly two years of work to find a lowering kit that would do what we wanted – better handling, better grip especially on track and the Swift springs from Agency Power are the ones to go for.

The spring rates are identical to Mclaren OEM but height is dropped 25mm so its a meaningful drop in terms of looks but not too much to affect the vehicle dynamics. Combined with our spacer kit and custom geometry the lateral grip is much improved and less rear squat and front end lift under acceleration coming out of turns (an achilles heel with the Sports series with its passive suspension) is markedly improved. We’ve also changed the vehicle dynamic heights by dropping the rear down with these springs which further improves rear end grip which combined with a geometry set up (necessary when fitting any springs) means that corner turn in remains nice and sharp and corner exit is more akin to the Super series cars – it grips and goes. Its still playful but no longer a negative.

Price is for 4 springs. Allow 6 hours to fit as well as a full geometry as well.

If you’d like to see what you need to do to fit them take a look at this video