Pagid RSC1 Pads


Ultimate road and track braking for all models running on ceramic disks.


Stock pads aren’t too bad but if you want braking to match the power of the car you really need to upgrade, if you take you car on track this is doubly important, the ceramic pads and disks just dont last. The only pads really worth looking at are the Pagid RSC1, specially formulated for high performance cars on ceramic disks.

Bedding in is important but once done you’ll be amazed by the braking performance the RSC1 pads, their performance is unrivalled for ceramics. There is immediate bite, even when cold and braking is progressive and solid, the extra feel the RSC1 pads offer also allows far greater confidence at the limit.

Price is for a full car (front and rear pads) they cannot be mixed with other pads.