Surface Transform Carbon Ceramic Discs


Available on back-order


Mclaren OEM CCB’s are a bit, er, garbage, they feel ok but they wont last very long especially if used on track and are hideously expensive so we have worked with Surface Transform to give Mclaren owners an alternative.

The Surface Transform disks are a direct replacement for the OEM disks and come complete with bells and bolts so its a simple on/off job to replace the difference is that the feel and braking experience is hugely enhanced as you’d expect from a proper set of CCB’s.

Not only will the Surface Transform disks improve your braking experience but they will last 4-5x longer than OEM, we have customer with 10-12 tracks days on them with still no sign of needing replacement or re-surfacing. Yep, the Surface Transform disks can be re-surfaced at a cost of £2000 per set so even with heavy track use the disks should out last the car.

Price is for a full set of disks/bells for a car (front and rear) pads are extra, but we would recommend the Pagid RSC1 pad as a good choice which we also sell.


Please specify model when ordering.