Thorney Motorsport Replacement McLaren 570GT Front Springs (with lift)



All McLaren models suffer from broken springs, this is caused by corrosion and poor design. McLaren also dont make the spring available separately so a broken spring used to = new shock which are usually over £1800 – annoying when the shock is fine and just the spring is broken.

So, we developed a direct replacement spring to save throwing away a perfectly decent shock if you get a broken spring.

Price is for an axle (ie 2 springs) as its advised to always replace springs in pairs if you can.

There are LOTS of different versions (model, lift, no lift etc etc) so please state in the comments section what model and you and what spec, if you dont it will simply delay your order.

We currently have available:

650s front & rear with lift

570s/540c front & rear with front lift

570GT front & rear with front lift

720s front & rear with front lift

12c Front & rear (non lift)