TMS BMW E46 M3 Custom Build Full Exhaust System


Our own custom build race exhaust.


Getting the exhaust right on an E46 M3 is nearly impossible, whatever you do you get some drone in the lower rpm ranges, get rid of that and theres no sound at all – its an issue for all designs. However after many different designs and many different suppliers we finally managed to get it right.

Our custom build exhausts are exactly that – custom made to your car in house at our workshops near Silverstone, nothing is off the shelf and nothing is made in China. We use only type 304 stainless tube which is all TIG welded with mandrel bends – maximum airflow. Our resonators are all absorption type (no baffles to restrict airflow) and the cats are full FIA spec 70g versions (100 or 200 cell) which will pass an MOT with no requirements for remaps or spacers.

The full system is available with decats as well for racing applications.

We use a large 3″ bore design either in twin or single configuration (depending what you want and other modifications you may have) and a choice of tips from steel to our very special carbon fibre tips (extra cost). These can be welded on or slip on so you can change them at your leisure.

The sound can be adjusted to your liking, the quieter version has extra resonators to make the system drone free (a little at 2000rpm, but nothing compared to Supersprint, Remus etc) and a nice bark all the way through the rev range. The louder system is pretty loud, still very little drone but ultra aggressive. See the videos but we also run our own demonstrator with one fitted if you’d like to hear before you buy.

Obviously price includes fitting and is covered by our full warranty – lifetime for our exhausts.