TMS Full Race Exhaust


Full race exhaust with FIA 200 cell race cats or decat pipes in stainless steel, titanium or inconel with choice of interchangeable tips


The full race exhaust comprises of our catback system (Sports Exhaust) as well as a pair of cat replacement sections fitted either with 200 cell sports cats or decat pipes. We have designed and specified our own cats for these cars, 200 cell but with a 72g coating means no engine management lights and maximum power. Decat pipes will require ECU mapping to avoid an EML.

We then mount the system to our catback Sports exhaust where we ditch the silencers, widen the bore of the balance pipe, re-position the balance pipe close to the engine (to deepen the note) and create an effective straight through exhaust which maximises airflow and maximises sound.

The sound is further the same as the TMS Sports exhaust but a louder but use of race cats means we can run higher power from our ECU power increase to stage 2 power.

The sports series is also unique in the range in that it has no heat shielding inside the bodywork, its all done with metal shielding attached to the exhaust itself which is heavy, prone to corrosion (from the fixing bolts) and basically a crap way of addressing heat management. We ceramic coat the entire exhaust, this means all the heat goes out of the rear of the car and not retained inside the engine bay.  We only use Cerakote high temperature coating which is good for 1400 degrees and wont fade, flake or crack.

Available in stainless steel, titanium or inconel.

We only use mandrel bends so the interior airflow is maximised and all are covered by our lifetime warranty.